Active Prayers

In the tables presented above you will find the people actively involved in reading the Psalter for 1 hour every week. They are registered with the baptism name, and with the weekday and hour they opted in. When they finish the Psalter reading, each person should mention all the other members from the group they are part of.

If you would also like to join this prayer group, but the empty slots don’t fit your schedule, please email us at, asking for a new group to be created. Please mention as well the hour, timezone and the weekday when you would be able to read the Psalter.

Depending on your availability, let us not forget those who are listed in the Special situations diptych, who can be helped through our prayers.

We kindly ask that if there are persons who, for blessed reasons, can no longer read the Psalter as specified above, they should email us their withdrawal at We ask this in order to avoid time gaps and so that we do not keep slots occupied, should there be other people who would like to choose them.