About us


We are a group of Orthodox Christians, who, with the blessing of our confessor, are trying our best to worship God. Saint John Chrysostom (“golden-mouthed”) urges us through “Baptismal Instructions” to “do all for the glory of God, so everything you do is supposed to have this precise root and foundation. There should be nothing on our part that does not have this foundation. Therefore «whether you eat or drink, or do anything else, do all for the glory of God».”

In order to defeat the demon’s attacks and their wild fury, we have only one option: to bring God back into our lives. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do by ourselves, that is why we need each other to succeed, we need to be united with other Orthodox Christians who share the same goal. we need to be united with other Orthodox Christians who share the same goal. One hour per week spent in reading the Psalter can make you part of a strong chain, its strength being given both by the sturdiness of each link as well as by the “interconnection” between them.


With God’s help, we would like this site to be a means of bringing together the Orthodox Christians that want to participate actively in reading the Psalter at least one hour per week. Why? Because by forming a united group the Psalter will be read from one end to the other on a daily basis, throughout the entire week!

This prayer group has already been joined in by priests, monks and laymen and is growing fast. Adding you to the group can only mean more spiritual strength brought together in order to help everyone involved achieve the ultimate goal, which is redemption, both for us and for our family, friends and peers.

The names listed in the groups from the Active Prayers section, are meant to:

  • allow others to join in and choose one of the hours and weekdays which best suit their schedule (from the lists that are vacant);
  • present the newcomers with the names of the people involved, since everyone is kindly asked to mention in their prayer the names of all the other members of the group they are part of. This way, everyone is mentioned in the reading of the Psalter every single hour of the day, all week long.